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It's a form of instant therapy, which has the same visual effect as a week on the cabbage soup diet. Life hasn't been treating her too well of late, what with all the bad press she has been receiving and drug-fuelled dramas with on-off lover Pete Doherty. No, the 15-stone frontwoman of indie band The Gossip, Beth Ditto.

That's because Kate knows that whatever her troubles, when pictured next to Ditto she looks every inch the supermodel.

It's a trick that has been employed to fine effect by the likes of Charlotte Church and Coleen Mc Loughlin, both of whom are pretty little dumplings but who are made to look positively sylphlike in the company of their hefty band of "gals from home".

Since all their celebrity friends are slim and gorgeous, they always turn to the plain gang from their schooldays when they need a boost.

Here you will find the finest looking people from all around the globe that really have everything that you could ever ask for and that really like getting down and dirty with some wild kinky action.

All her father Gus wants is for her to get married to a nice Greek boy. Her mother convinces Gus to let her take some computer classes at college (making him think it's his idea).

With those classes under her belt, she then takes over her aunt's travel agency (again making her father think it's his idea). That's where the fun begins as Michael Constantine her father is not happy her daughter is marrying a "stranger"(a non-Greek).

When adding examples, avoid ladies who are Hollywood Pudgy.

She must be visibly heavy-set for the trope to be in effect. Sometimes paired with Of Corsets Sexy, as a number of full-figured women esteem corsets highly as a way to produce a perfect hourglass figure.

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