Business cycle dating committee definition

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I've included recessions to help illustrate the impact of the business cycle on this metric.Total Nonfarm Employees There are many ways to plot employment.Click for a larger image The chart clearly illustrates the savagery of the last recession.It was much deeper than the closest contender in this timeframe, the 1973-1975 Oil Embargo recession.

Background Analysis: The Big Four Indicators and Recessions The charts above don't show us the individual behavior of the Big Four leading up to the 2007 recession.The data points show the cumulative percent change from a zero starting point for June 2009.We now have the three indicator updates for the 61th month following the recession. Current Assessment and Outlook The overall picture of the US economy had been one of slow recovery from the Great Recession with a clearly documented contraction during the winter, as reflected in Q1 GDP.I've chained the data to the latest price index value.The "Tax Planning Strategies" annotation refers to shifting income into the current year to avoid a real or expected tax increase.

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