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He was Tom’s godfather, and they both loved seeing him.Their absence for large chunks of the year at boarding school also helped preserve their mother’s secret.I have always believed that the story Diana told Andrew Morton about her life needs to be read with extreme caution.Eleven years into her marriage, she was very angry, very bitter and very unwell. They were living largely separate lives, both had lovers and Diana — who waged war far more effectively than her husband — was prepared to do and say anything to damage him.Her elevation to Princess of Wales had brought her too much, too soon; she was too young to handle it all, and there was no one there to steady her.No solid, dependable family to keep her feet on the ground.The most important revelation in the book was that she suffered from bulimia, a disease that involves secret bingeing followed by self-induced vomiting.

She is pictured during her famous 1995 Panorama interview Two years later, the Princess agreed to be the prime source for the book about her life — Diana: Her True Story.Plus she was always there for them at half-term and in the holidays.Yet now, having been an entirely private wife and mother, Camilla was suddenly a household name.She had made no attempt to hide her mood swings or her tears from her young sons, and she encouraged them to meet the men friends who came to the house.Meanwhile, William and Harry couldn’t help but hear the rows between their parents, or notice that their father was seldom there.

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