College dating sex

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“It was created as a way for two people to avoid ‘just growing apart’ from each other and to help marriages last through tough, dry times.

That’s why I wait, because when I commit to loving someone for the rest of my life I want that bond to be as strong as possible.” Every person you meet might have a different view on sex, but instead of acknowledging our differences, we quickly jump to voice our opinions on each other’s lifestyles.

Instead of planned consecutive dates, we “hang out” in groups of people or meet up at parties.

Rappers preach about getting with new girls every day and when we hear that, it seems like the thing to do.

So how are we to gauge how long we should wait before hooking up?

“I think it depends on your level of comfort with the situation.

If you’re trying to fill some kind of void, casual sex will not help you,” said Duquesne sophomore Alex Corrie.

When we’re younger, we’re taught that having sex is a huge step in a relationship and that we should only sleep with another person if they’re that “someone special.” Our upbringing plays a big role in our view on sex; our religion and environment help shape our opinions on the topic.

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