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“People want the other person [they meet] to be real and not just some online façade,” she says.

Opportunities for the younger crowd to join an online dating service can be found in the numbers, such as the juxtaposition of 83% of young people Cassandra surveyed preferring to meet a potential partner in person but only 40% having ever actually asked someone on a date face-to-face.

One year after a hack exposed data on millions of Ashley Madison members, including their secret sexual fantasies and credit card transactions, the dating site for adulterers is back with a new tagline and series of TV ads that reach beyond its usual crop of attached men and women who are looking to have an affair.

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Those who both swipe right on each other can begin a message conversation. It's estimated that 15% of Americans have used dating websites or apps, with numbers expected to rise in the next many years. Marketers have played a huge role in helping this industry grow from simple online personals to complex platforms with millions of users. New innovations and a growing user base now give marketers more data than ever to play with in online dating. No website has found the magic method of creating a love connection.“This is a total virgin science,” Brooks quips with a restrained laugh from his deck in Malta.The app grew from college campuses, Brooks says, as the company used a marketing program to entice “campus connectors” (or the “popular kids,” as he deemed them) to spread the word. “It’s such a hotbed on campuses that you can get these things to take off on campus with the right story and the right product. It’s one of the few dating apps that’s truly sharable.For some reason, apps are more sharable in online dating.

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