In treatment 2 temporada online dating

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After they walk out during the service, Rose assures Josh she always knew, and a shocked Tom gets a phone call from Niamh who says she’s pregnant.

Josh has broken up with Geoffrey for being too nice.

Alan and Mae go out to dinner, but Alan gets drunk and can’t stop talking about Rose, so Mae leaves him in the restaurant.

Alan buys a new sports car, despite Josh and Mae’s objections.Josh tries to get Rose in a positive mood before her first visit to her psychiatrist.Alan drops off Josh’s belongings back at his home, but first abandons Mae at a store to hide her from Rose.While dropping Josh off at a party, Peg sees him kissing Geoffrey and uses it to blackmail him into going to church.At the party, Niamh tells the group that Tom gave her chlamydia, causing Tom to finally dump her.

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