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His cute and charming personalities, so many celebs says he has warm and innocent personalities, PBG always shows his dedication for people who mature than him. Take good care my bogummy Everything about you is worth it. Recently i've been watching Reply 1988 and i was captivated by your innocent yet charming act. I have repeatedly watched the 18 episodes, and still i couldn't get enough of the beauty of the story as acted out by very good actors like you and Yoon Jung. first of all, i just want to say thank you for inspiring me & all of us to your life by sharing your best personality as an actor & ordinary person... To My dearest Park Bo Gum i just wanna let you know that i love you so much! The way he delivered emotions throughout his scenes are really good. I've mad respect for versatile actors because it takes a lot to study a character and play it without missing some points but he does it so well! His performance of conducting Mambo and playing the Cello was just too real. His acting otherwise was quite good but when he was playing the Cello or conducting, his expressions were just too real much much much thousand miles better than Joowon's. Park Bo Gum is the best actor in Naeil's Cantabile, and there are some great actors in that drama. The energy level heightens when the camera is on him. When i first saw him on Runaway cops i was astonished ! We didn't get to see him a lot in that movie, and now with wonderful mama I can get plenty of that handsomeness.

Please stay strong inside and remain the beautiful being that you already are......never forget who you are ! It was a pleasure watching that show with a production and a cast that took us back to the 1980's...almost didn't want to come back to 2016!!! I first fall in love with him when i watched A Hard Day, such a short appearance but i already love him. that you good with you'r brother that seo in guk bye nailed Serial Killer Min so good in HELLO MONSTER that I dont wanna see him playing good roles, be bad!! (fun fact BO GUM IS HELLA CHRISTIAN) he sure acted like a girl obsessed over (Seo)'s character, without making it look gay hahaha! BEST BROMANCE in kdrama ever, He was the sweetest when saying his Hyung was his everything!!!!!!!!! about the personality and background that he has had so far. I've really fallen in love with Bo Gum oppa since seen his face. One person who has made me really dream to set foot and meet like in my imagination and my dreams. he gonna act in reply 1988 after i remember you end which reply series are known as producing rising stars(eunji,seo in gook,go ara, others). He was peeeerfect as Seo's bro, enjoyed his versatile acting (specially when he was like a girl in love all obsessed over little moments with his man crush (Seo) haha! I will look out for his dramas, great great Min I really wish all these less known but better actors/actresses like him got those major k-dramas roles that are often given to awkward and boring trendy models/idols these days: watching k-dramas has already become really painful, they could at least give us actors who aren't painful too.We may be in different race, religion, and belief, but ming you, you really moved me in many things.. continue the great job you have started, our "Crown Prince" Hello, Mr. I congratulate you for doing well in "Love in the Moonlight". You are every girl's dream and I swear I'll be killing the girl who's going to hurt you. We were in one location but didn't have a chance to meet! T Hope we got a second chance, in the right time, in the right place, where we would meet eventually. I am an avid fan of Korean historical dramas since I'd like to know more about Korea and its people. I commend you for your great performance in Love in the Moonlight. I was never a fan of korean actors, until i saw you in the koreanovela LITM.. For me.can also potray as wise scholar in Joseon era. Please help my Bo Gum to choose the romantic plus mystery drama. You changed my beliefs about Korean actors hmm you help me to open my eyes how beautiful your country is. You made me realized many things that's why im so thankful that I've watched one of your drama series. im so kinikilig hahahaha loveyou baby :* Annyeong Haseyo Park Bo-Gum. I love the way you smile you're so cute ohmygosh!!! He is still young but his acting is totally flawless. At home i used to watch koreanovela on abs cbn after a love to last. I searched all your website and you had one: twitter. Im not that fan of yours but I like you the way you are. Can't believe he's a 93 liner; his acting just doesn't fit his age (in a good way), like his acting skills are really outstanding and he leaves a deep impact on the viewers. He is my favorite actor right now, he may not be the lead in IRY but for me his character is the game changer of that drama and he is doing it so well.

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