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They both reminisce over the past and she has a thought of giving their marriage another chance. Her irritation for the smell and Sarang's silence on how he turned out HIV turns her mad and she ransacks the whole house for the source of smell. Sarang then realizes that he has lost his sense of smell.Baajoola Basleli Baai (English: A Woman Sitting Aside) The story is based in a small village of Konkan when it is raining heavily.

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They both talk and fall in love and decide to get married.Lagnaachya Vayachi Mulgi (English: A Bride To Be) Veena is a young girl who works in a college and is now a bride to be.Her parents are looking for a suitable groom for her.Leading the change are people like Varun Narvekar (Muramba) and Nipun Dharmadhikari (Baapjanma).While Varun chose to tell a love story from an entirely different perspective, Nipun brings the strained father-children relation alive onscreen, with subtle humour and a good story.

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