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It took a new idea, generated during Series 5 to provide the context in which that old idea could do two jobs on the show.

For three: even if I we were able to come up with a paper script that someone else could create powerpoint for... On the night it's me who presses the button to fire the next transition/animation/video/whatever.

A standard set on the circuit is 20 minutes, a one-person show at a festival is expected to be 60 minutes and a tour show is longer.

If you can get into the position of touring shows in your own name - you have to have worked out how to shape a longer show - and yet the people who have worked that out tend to be the ones being asked to do 7 or 8 minutes of stuff on telly.

A short set can be great - but it's the fast food version of stand-up. But long-form stand-up, done well, can be a banquet.

It's why I was chuffed to bits with this Sunday Times review of a show in Series 4.

and am at my desk by 10am later that morning to carry on. (A tour show, will have many, many more) Here, for example, is a version of what a late-ish draft of this series' episode 4 looked like the day before we recorded it: There isn't a quick way of building this many slides - especially when there are plenty of moving parts.

And before we finished series 3, we knew they wanted 4 and 5. It's hard to let go of such a wonderful opportunity. but creating 36 telly-hours in the space of five years is something I'm hugely proud of.

I think it's the thing to aim for in a longer show. I'm lucky enough to have worked with a fantastic bunch of collaborators - producers and writers - all of whom have contributed much. So when we've made six episodes (series 1 and 4) we had three recordings...

With that in mind; what a fantastic opportunity this series has been. Not a package of discreet bits that could be edited together in a different order and make just as much sense. So please don't mistake any of what follows for any kind of woe-is-me, moaning. Here's the thing: as lucky as I am to have an almost unique opportunity to do the thing that I love, in the form that I love, on the telly... and when we've made eight episodes (series 2, 3 and 5) we've had four.

When people say they think it's a shame the show hasn't been on a bigger channel, I always ask them to tell me any other channel that has given any other comic the opportunity to do this kind of show? Proper, long-form stand-up that actually represents what a touring comic does live? During this final series, we've had 9 weeks between recordings.

In each 9 week block I've spent the first week having some time off.

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