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SOMETIMES LOVE TAKES ROOT IN UNEXPECTED PLACES—IF YOU’LL ONLY LET IT GROW Colin Riordan came to Virgin River to recuperate from a horrific helicopter crash, the scars of which he bears inside and out. Then he looked at Kurt and said, “Take the rest of the day off, Kurt. According to that policy, one of us would have had to change departments. But his only experience is in PR and my department was the only place he had a good fit. In fact, if I remember, it was your idea.” She scooted to the edge of her seat. Sexual harassment is never consensual, and it’s never confused with ‘dating;’ it’s always extortion of some kind. That’s why dating within a department was a bad idea. “I thought, given time and training, Kurt might be a good successor. “Well, what a coincidence,” Harry said, passing her a folder. Have a look.” Her hands actually trembled a bit as she lifted the cover of the folder and looked at a collection of memos, emails, print-outs of text messages and miscellaneous junk. ” She would have to plow through months of old emails. Then there was a page of text exchanges and highlighted in yellow, from her phone, was, I miss you!His family is wonderfully supportive, but it’s his art that truly soothes his troubled soul. I’ll be in touch later.” Without a word to her, without a glance, he rose and left the office of the president, quietly closing the door behind him. We also created policy saying employees shouldn’t be late, shouldn’t dress inappropriately and shouldn’t park in the president’s spot! The first email she looked at came from her and it said, How am I doing? “Harry, this had nothing to do with a relationship! “But this is completely innocent,” she said, turning it toward Harry. ” And in that instant she knew what he’d done — he’d set her up. “Playful junk between boyfriend and girlfriend who worked for the same company. ” A glance through some of the pages revealed similar brief, affectionate comments that any woman might have made to the man in her life, and there was no way of knowing if they were sent during work hours or at other times.When Jillian finds Colin at his easel in her yard, there’s an instant connection. Conroy alleges that you are the guilty party, Jillian.” “What? He was the seducer; possibly all his comments were verbal. “Harry, he said flirtatious and seductive things to me, but the difference is, he might have always said them!

” “At the moment, I want you to take the rest of the week off. Where he will promptly fall on his face.” “Unless he finds a woman to seduce,” she said quietly. “If there’s any way out of this, believe me, we’ll take it. You’re going to have to fire him.” “I’m sure he’s figured all that out,” Harry said. The greatest comfort in her secret dialogue with her sister was that Kelly wanted to kill Kurt. Oh, he’d been allowed to show up at work after being given a week off, but Jill didn’t dare phone him there — he apparently had secret accomplices in his scheme. She had turned over a back up of her personal hard drive and her company computer, turned over her phone and the contents of her desk.

But all the while he was loving me, he was plotting how he could really screw me.” “He’s a bastard…” “I never had trust issues,” Jillian said very quietly.

“I always had good instincts about who couldn’t be trusted. back to Top Colin Riordan—Retired Army Blackhawk pilot, seriously injured when shot down, comes to Virgin River to recuperate. Jillian Matlock—VP of Corporate Communications for Benedict Software Systems, on a leave of absence after being falsely accused of sexual harassment, comes to Virgin River.

Half my competitors have been after you for the past five years anyway.” “But I made my choice a long time ago. A week turned into two and Jillian was nearly jumping out of her skin in her San Jose townhouse with nothing to do but surf the Internet on her new laptop. And to be fair, if he was manipulative enough, they might think that’s what they saw.” “Right,” she replied with sarcasm.

There were only fifteen employees in Corporate Communications; she could guess exactly who the women were.

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