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This is Luke and Offred’s meet-cute, which is made slightly less cute by the fact that at the time Luke is wearing a wedding ring. Offred tries to find out what happened but Ofsteven, does not want to get into the details of her genital mutilation in the grocery line, understandably. (Thankfully, she didn’t assume her Ceremony posture this time around.) It’s over quickly, at which point Offred daintily straightens her wimple and returns to the house with Serena. “I just find the whole thing so impersonal,” he apologizes. In short order, the cracks in the commander’s pleasant demeanor turn into huge, gaping holes. Not only does he believe the only thing a woman has to live for is her children, it turns out, but he also reveals that he’s behind Ofsteven’s sexual mutilation, which Offred now learns happened.“We helped her,” he tells Offred.

Back in the present, Offred is silently sizing up Nick in the kitchen when Serena comes in and asks if she wants to go to the garden with her. She does tell Offred the name of the resistance group she had been part of, however. Before Offred can find out anything else, the new Ofglen snatches her away and drags her back toward home. Interspersed throughout the telling of this encounter are scenes flashing back to the evolution of Luke and Offred’s (née June) relationship. “We saved her, we had a doctor take care of the problem. Every love story’s a tragedy if you wait long enough.” Offred looks sick.

This Ofglen isn’t going to be nearly as as the old one, it appears: She’s not here to mess around and get in trouble, she tells Offred—and she’s not gonna let Offred mess things up for her, either. It all started off properly enough, we see: Innocent lunches that ultimately gave way to sex, love, Luke’s divorce from his previous wife, and, as we already know, marriage and a kid. It’s ceremony night, which means Offred gets to endure the state-mandated rape at the hands of her commander again. ”Later that night, Offred confronts the commander about his behavior. She excuses herself, but not before Commander Fred gives her a real taste of his perspective. Nick, it turns out, already knew what happened to Ofsteven. It turns out he’s the Eye Ofsteven warned Offred about—Offred gets him to admit it.

Later that day, Offred is back lying in her closet when Serena fetches her yet again—it’s time to execute their covert sexual mission. How does one get to be a driver in Gilead, I wonder? It’s all very pure, except for the lies and adultery. Apparently Fred has been inspired by his and Offred’s secret Scrabble nights, because tonight he really goes for it. “We only wanted to make the world better,” he tells her. It always means worse for some.”Offred tries to stagger up the stairs to her room, but she can’t make it that far; first she has to vomit in the kitchen sink, so sick is she to have trusted this man. This seems like a dicey situation for Offred, given that she’s cheating on her commander with him.

Pastor Miles explained that we are speaking of these issues because they exist in the church.

When you are in a committed marriage relationship, the right hemisphere of the brain fires pleasure neurons during sex, while the left brain stores the experience and facts about the spouse.In fact, they’re so comfortable with one another these days that the commander has given Offred a little gift in the form of an old women’s magazine. “I used to buy magazines like this at the airport,” she says to herself.“Now the models all look insane, like zoo animals." But you can tell the whole scenario makes her nervous.There is safety and bonding in the marriage commitment, and intimate sex is part of that expression.When you practice sexual intimacy outside of a committed marriage relationship, undesirable things happen within the brain.

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